Accessories Guide for Your Toyota Hilux
Heavy, robust, well-equipped and world famous, the Toyota Hilux is apparently almost everything the typical Ozzie ute-buyer would want. Except it's not, since just about and no one has the normal stock of the 4x4 – it's one of the most improved off-road vehicles in Australia.

And that's a double bonus for those after Toyota Hilux aftermarket components; there's a big market for the sector, and thus a huge number of options for the customer.

Here are some of the must have accessories for your stock Hilux.

The Toyota Hilux 4x4 Bullbar

Nowadays, bull bars are just as trendy as they are front defence, and particularly for Hilux, there's no lack of choices. You can purchase anything like the Hamer King Series product anywhere if you want a light, custom-looking, hoopless, elevated, winch-compatible bar.

If you only need a conventional alloy, a three-hole strip for a few driving headlights, there are several choices, but few are as well matched to the Hilux as an authentic Toyota upgrade.

Of course, all big aftermarket suppliers have large steel frames for Hilux bullbar. Whatever you do, ensure you don't buy a bar that compromises the weights of the front axle or consider a shock kit that raises the acceptable load.

Toyota Hilux Winch

The Hilux is so powerful off-road that it's never going to get stuck, isn't it? However, so a winch is good enough to retrieve Nissan Navaras and Volkswagen Amaroks when they're trapped down the course, or so I'm informed.

If you need a decent winch, the option isn't as simple as it used to be when Warn was the only brand worthy of note. Nowadays, there is a tough rivalry and previously unspoken brands, such as Runva and Sherpa, which are attracting popularity, whereas many aftermarket brand names including TMJ and Ironman 4x4 have their own version.

Toyota Nudge Bar

If your frontal safety concerns do not contain a large threat of an animal attack or a need to maximize frontal clearing, a nudge bar could be the best option. These basic steel or alloy links are also perfect for carrying an external light strip or an antenna for your cell phone coverage enhancer or UHF.

Toyota Hilux Suspension Lift

Achieving an additional few inches of elevation under your Hilux is almost necessary if you're considering any off-road traveling or camping adventures. It will reduce the possibility of injury, help most off camper trailers and caravans ride more equally behind your 4x4, and make it appear better.

Toyota Hilux Snorkel

Snorkels are so much more than about navigating the deep-rooted Cape York River. By elevating the air intake point, they minimize the volume of dust that your vehicle could breathe and could also help bring cleaner, more concentrated air into the ignition chamber. They look pretty cool, too, which is just as good an excuse as any.

These are some of the must-have upgrades for your stock Hilux. This is a good starting point, you can all out when you gotten them used to your Hilux and off-roading.

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