Advantages of Choosing Residential College Over Regular School

College is a significant life transition young people need to go through. While some students opt for colleges that are near their home for convenience, not everyone can do so. For others, they need to move to a different city to go to college if they don’t have one near their hometown.

Commonly, college students who are far from home look for accommodation such as a dormitory where they could stay during their studies. However, there are colleges that offer both the campus and accommodation in one place just like this only UQ residential college for men.

These are called residential colleges. It is a perfect choice for those who are far from home because of its all in one feature. If you are still thinking twice whether to enrol in a residential college or not, here are the great advantages you could experience when you opt for it.

Feeling of Belongingness

It takes time to adjust to college life especially when you are new to the place. Unlike with regular colleges wherein you go and stay alone in your room after a long day at school, it is much different when you’re in a residential college. There will always be someone out there whom you could bond with even after classes – in the dining hall, library, and all other common rooms in the campus. You’ll never have to be alone when you are in a residential college.

Great Support Network

College life can be intimidating at first. However, it would be easier to adapt and adjust if you have a strong support network that will always be there for you. Freshmen are welcomed warmly into the campus and student leaders will help newcomers meet other students, get oriented with the place, and move into their rooms.

It is also easier to help academic support since there are many tutors around the campus or you may even ask another student for help in studying. You can also get psychological assistance on campus as long as it’s office hours.

Inclusive Meals

One common problem of students when they are far from home is getting decent meals. Some of them don’t have much time to prepare food that they had to stick with noodles and other quick-cook meals. When you’re in a residential college, all the meals are included in the fees you’ve paid. You don’t need to worry about what to prepare in every meal since it is already taken care of.

Aside from being stress-free, you can also be sure to get a healthy and balanced meal every day. Because the task of preparing meals has been removed on a student’s to-do list, they have more time to study and perform their extracurricular activities in the campus.

Choosing a residential college is definitely a wise choice especially for those who have to move into a different place to get to college. If you’re still considering a residential college, this quick article will definitely help you get convinced that it is a good investment.

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