Chain Related Mistakes That Would Destroy Your Chainsaw
Whether you were planning on making it a job, or whether you’re another regular Australian who wants to handle the chainsaw in the best way, steering clear of the mistakes is what you should do. The chain of your saw is one of the integral parts of the machinery.

That’s why you need to be extra careful in handling it. In this list, we’re going to tell you some of the borderline unforgivable mistakes that are related to the chain of your chainsaw that would ruin it, if you don’t make amends.

Continued Use with a Blunt Chain

We live busy lives and finding time to check the status of the chain all the time might not be exactly practical. But you don’t have to check all the time; you only have to check when you’re about to use it, because if you were to use it with the blunt chain, you’re going to destroy the saw in no time.

Not Learning How to Sharpen a Chain

There’s no doubt that you’d always have a hard time sharpening the chain for the first time. But before you start anything, you should understand that a chainsaw sharpener is a long-term investment, because if you own a chainsaw, it’s essential to invest in the sharpening equipment as well. However, you’re not doing what supposed to when you’re deliberately not learning how to sharpen a chain. All you need to do is look into YouTube or even follow a thorough WikiHow tutorial.

The Use of the Improper File for Sharpening

How many of us are aware of the 80/20 rule when it comes to the sharpening of chainsaws? The rule of having 80% of the file inside the cutter, and having 20% of it above the cutter? If you can’t seem to apply this, it’s usually due to the fact that you’re using either too small or too big of a file. For example, you won’t be able to cut the top edge of the cutter if you were using too small of a file. The best solution is to compare the pitch of the chain with the file size.

Running the Chain Into the Ground

This goes without saying chainsaws are built to be into timber; make sure you don’t drive it anywhere else.

Using the Chain with Inadequate Tension

When we want to cut a piece of melting butter with a pulled string, we want to pull it to the maximum tension. But that’s not how it works in a chainsaw; you can’t have too tight tension, nor you can have the chain too loose. If the links come out of the bar when pulled, then that’s when you know the chain is too loose don’t use the saw in the condition.


The more you acknowledge yourself, the more you realize that maintaining a chainsaw is as hard as handling it. But knowing is a process once you start somewhere, it encourages you to learn more. Within the context, it would only prolong the quality preserved lifetime of your chainsaw for good.

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