How to Combat Family Violence with Brain? [2020s Guide]
It’s quite alarming how fast people can change; especially the ones we love. But when things escalate to violence, it’s never worth it to undergo the psychological and physical pain.

If you’re here, you should prioritize your brainpower once you do that, you’d be able to cut off cancer for good or hope for a better resolution.

Here’s how to combat family violence in the most strategic way.

Avoid Provocation at All Times

You could be a helpless wife or a bullied son or daughter the first rule of defending yourself is not provocation. You might say that you do not provoke but think about your general behavior. Once you do that, you’d realize that although you find it normal, it’s otherwise to the oppressor.

But why should you avoid provocation? To avoid a legal excuse named cumulative and sudden provocation.

The Matter of How Over What

Evidence matter but for evidence to be strong, the matter of how always surpasses the strength of what. For example, you could have tons of photos of bruises on your arm, but what are the chances that the opposing counsel doesn’t argue that you committed self-harm to frame the oppressor.

We’re not asking you to stick a camera on their faces, but the least you can do is record evidence of abuse taking place. We guarantee you that this would be more than enough almost all the time to obtain child custody.

Keep the Children Away

We understand that you’re willingly putting them at peril, but you should always identify the patterns of the oppressor. Most of the time, drunk fathers would physically abuse the children right in front of the wise just to hurt them.

Although that pain is perfectly sensible, you should always try your best to lock the children away from both seeing and hearing these struggles. In the long run, that’s just not going to turn out in the best way.

Reach Out to a Family Lawyer as Soon As You Can

The power of law is the prime solution that would keep you and your children applicable, as safe as you can be. Given how you can obtain restraining orders or interim intervention orders quite easily, you won’t have to worry about any oppressing parties showing up in your neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Once you reach a legal professional whose expertise is on family law south east victoria, they’d tell you what you need to do right to the point. But be sure not to go for any other type of lawyers, especially the criminal lawyers since they’d only make things worse.

The bottom line is that domestic violence doesn’t have to be tolerated anymore, not with the strength of the current legal status in Australia.

Do Not Give in to False Promises

No one wants hardships in our lives, but how many more bruises will you be able to handle until you’re finally dead? Promises without changed behavior are manipulation it’s not happening in your head, it’s all real, and don’t give in to false promises.

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