How to Select an Exhaust Jack

Exhaust jacks are also known as air jacks and these can be very useful if you are used to going on off-road trips. There may be situations when you are travelling over challenging terrain where your vehicle can get stuck. And in such a situation, you need to have the right recovery tools withyou to get you out of this safely without causing damage to the car or injuries to the passengers.

An air jack is an inflatable bag that is made out of heavy-duty materials which is why it is ideal for off-road trips. They are generally made of reinforced rubber or PVS and it uses the exhaust gas of the vehicle to inflate the bag which will lift the vehicle off the ground. This is a portable tool that you can easily store in your vehicle and you can lift the vehicle from soft surfaces such as snow, mud and sand. The exhaust jack will provide you with a stable platform to get a grip. You cannot use any exhaust jack that you find on the market. It has to be compatible with your vehicle. This means that you need to consider the dimensions of your vehicle and its weight before selecting an exhaust jack. And there are different weight capacities for exhaust jacks so it is a good idea to check the user manual of your vehicle to find the actual weight of the vehicle. You can also reach out to the manufacturer to find this out. In addition to vehicle weight, you will need to consider the additional load you will generally carry with you on an off-road trip. The exhaust jack you choose should have a weight capacity that extends the total weight of your vehicle.

Consider the lift height of the exhaust jack.

This is the maximum height your vehicle can be elevated from the ground. Think about the road surfaces that you frequently drive on along with the level of ground clearance of your vehicle. This will give you an idea of the sufficient lift height to look for in an exhaust jack. The size of the inflatable bag is another consideration. Consider the size when it is fully deflated and inflated. If the deflated size s compact enough to transport and store easily, it can be very convenient. Also, a larger bag will give you more support when it comes to recovery. You need to strike a healthy balance between these two factors.

Ask the manufacturer about the materials that the exhaust jack is made from.

If you are shopping online, this will be provided in the item decryption. Reinforced rubber or PVC will have a higher resistance to tears, punctures and abrasions. And this ensures you have a functional exhaust jack for a long time which can be useful in so many recovery situations. Consider the safety features the exhaust jack comes with. Some of these features are non-slip surfaces, having built-in pressure release valves and reinforced seams to resist wear and tear. Having a pressure release valve is very important as you can control the process of inflation. This will also help you prevent the bag from over-inflating which can cause mage to the exhaust jack.