How to Select Children’s Clothing?
If you are new to being a parent or if you are looking for a gift, choosing children’s clothing can be a little difficult at first.

You have to choose the right sizes and make sure that the clothing doesn’t have anything that can be harmful to the child. For example, when choosing clothes for very young children, you have to avoid clothes with items that can be choking hazards.

Choosing children’s clothing can be fun as well because there are so many cute outfits that you can find. When you are shopping for clothes, make sure to pick a general colour theme. Many stores tend to market blue colour for boys and pink for girls. But your child will pick what colours they like. Until they develop their preferences, you can select different colours that can be mixed and matched together. Also, you can choose colours that will fit in with major holidays as well so that it is easier to coordinate their clothes. As a parent you will have a good idea of what your child likes so you can pick items that they will happily wear. For example they might like shorts over pants or pants over skirts. If you are buying clothing as a gift, you can ask the parents about their children’s likes and dislikes to pick the perfect present.

The clothes will be washed for a long time so you need to choose fabrics that can withstand it. And if you have more children, good quality clothes can be used as hand-me-downs as well. Stretchy fabrics don’t do well with frequent washing and sometimes they will not look good after the first few washes. When you are choosing girl’s or boy's T shirt materials, look for non-stretchy cotton fabric.

While this might need some heavy ironing, this fabric will retain its finish for a long time and will look great. Classic shapes are timeless and these will never go out of style. You can pick up a trendy item or two but it is best to stick to classics for the majority of the wardrobe. And you can find classics with cute little details that elevate the clothing items. For example, you can pick ballet flats for a girl but while keeping the style classic, you can select something with fun details like animal faces, bows, buttons etc.

Think about the occasion you are shopping for as well. If you are shopping for something they can wear for holiday celebrations, you can pick festive items that also suit the weather. But this will depend on the theme of your holiday celebrations. If you have casual celebrations, something laidback with a festive theme will be a good idea. Also, if the weather in your area is not very cold at Christmas time, then picking fur lined clothes and boots will not be ideal even though it matches the season. Look for festive clothing that can be layered on so that you can remove layers and keep them comfortable while still being true to the occasion.