How to Select Indoor Spotlights?
You can highlight certain objects or areas in the home using spotlights whether it is architectural details or decorative items like paintings and sculptures. These will also add to the warm ambience in your living room.

You first need to consider why you are choosing a spotlight for a certain area

Maybe you want it to illuminate a certain object or you may be looking for general illumination. There are different indoor spot lighting options as well such as fixed, adjustable and directional lighting. And you always need to consider the intended purpose when selecting this. The lighting effect of different spotlights can vary and you need to consider whether you are looking for bright illumination or diffused soft lighting.

The latter can be used for a living room to create a cosy atmosphere. And if you have an artwork in your foyer that you want to highlight, you can use a spotlight to illuminate this using a narrow beam angle so that only the artwork is illuminated. This will create a beautiful feature and it will draw the eye of anyone walking into the foyer. But for diffused lighting, you will need to increase the beam angle so that general illumination can be achieved.         

The colour temperature you choose will set the tone for the space

Warm lighting is known for creating a cosy atmosphere and this is ideal for bedrooms and intimate living spaces. But if you are looking for more focused illumination, you can choose white light and this will bring in a crisp appearance to the surroundings. You also need to consider the temperature of your existing lights when you add new lights. If you already have warm lights in your home, you will need to select warm spotlights. There are also different bulb types you will come across such as LED, incandescent and halogen. LED bulbs are known for their energy efficiency and are a popular choice among home owners. These also tend to last longer compared to incandescent bulbs.

The design of the spotlight has to be considered as well

You can choose a sleek simple spotlight that fades into the background or go for a decorative design that adds to the design of the space. And you also need to think about the method of installation. Some are mounted on a track, some you can mount onto the ceiling surface while you can also find recessed spotlights. Look into the features provided by the spotlight to see whether it improves the functional aspect of the light.

Dimming features can be especially useful as it will allow you to adjust lighting according to the occasion. For example, you can have the brightness set to high at a family function in your living room or select a dim light for movie night. You should also check compatibility of the dimmer switch and the bulb in the spotlight. Maintenance will be needed to ensure performance of the spotlight but you can always opt for low maintenance options such as LED spotlights.