How to Take Care of a Horse?
Just like any companion animal, a horse needs care. In fact, it needs more care than a dog or cat. Before you bring your new equine home, understand that it takes a lot of responsibility.

It can be rather overwhelming, especially for beginners or hopeful horse owners. Remember that horses are special creatures, and they can show a broad range of emotions. They are communicative, too. If you want to have your own horse, here are some ways to take care of it.

Feed your Horse

Feed your horse based on its weight, size and scope of work. They have sensitive digestive system, so see to it to feed your horse with caution. The food you’re giving should be given consistently. If you want to make a change in its diet, do it little by little. Some of the food items you can give are hard feed and roughage, and make sure to do it morning and night. You may give delicious treats, too. However, stick to organic or low in sugar.

Give Supplements

Most horses will need a basic vitamin or supplement to guarantee they’re getting all the minerals they need into their diet. So, make sure to get horse supplements too. Before you do though, talk to your vet or nutritionist because if you don’t, you may purchase a vitamin or supplement that’s not approved for the horse industry.

Give your Horse Shelter

Like any companion animals, you need to give shelter to your horse. The majority of horses spend most of their time indoors in a stall. Therefore, build a bard and shed that’s safe and carefully designed. Hire a professional to do it for you or you can DIY if you want to save money. You can learn how to do it by watching a tutorial on YouTube.


Once you have a barn or shed for your horse, you have to keep it clean all the time. Scrub the surface of the stable with detergent and water, and take time to rinse everything thoroughly. Let the stable to dry out by opening the barn doors and windows. Don’t forget to clean it with a mixture of bleach and water afterwards. Doing it 1-2 times in a day will kill the bacteria and germs that can pose a threat, not only to your horse, but to you and your family, too.

Exercise your Horse

Like human beings and other companion animals, horses need proper exercise. Allow your horse to exercise daily by riding him on a trail. They need it as they’re known to be grazing athletes. Also, they greatly rely on movement to keep their circulation working smoothly.

Groom your Horse

Grooming is an integral skill for horse care for both beginners and skilled horse owners. So, have all the horse grooming essentials such as a coarser brush, soft face brush, etc. Begin the grooming procedure by picking out its feet. Eliminate the dirt which is a good chance to check the condition of your horse’s feet, too.

If you’re having a hard time taking care of your horse still, don’t hesitate to ask for help from experienced people.

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