Important Components in A Vehicle
What we know now as the simple car has undergone so many transformations over the year. From the Ford Model-T to the various types of vehicles, the components that go into the vehicle are very different to what it was back then.

Of course, there are a few things that have not changed over the years, such as the engine. However, there are so many additions that have gone into the car to make things all the safer when driving. Here are just some of those components and their functions.


This is considered to be one of the most important components in the whole vehicle due to the fact that these components are what make the vehicle stop and slow down. It is a very important component as it avoids collisions and crashes of vehicles.

These components have changed over the years. One of the more significant changes in this component is the fact that most modern cars use disc brakes. The older vehicles utilized drum brakes, which were not as effective as the modern-day disc brakes. Even today, the brakes are being improved on with different materials used to dissipate heat generated.


In order to make sure that you have a comfortable ride, car manufacturers have to make sure that the suspension is perfectly installed. In today’s world, ride comfort is something that many customers want in a vehicle. These components too have undergone a lot of transformation over the years.

In the olden days, cars would have simple springs or coils to dampen the uneven road surfaces. However, in today's’ world, the simple car now utilizes technology that is used even in formula one vehicles like push rod suspension, to make sure the car is stable and comfortable to ride in.


The differential is one of the more underrated components in a vehicle, however, they are the parts that make sure the power of the engine is delivered to the tires most efficiently. Once again there are several different types of differentials out there in the market.

Race cars normally have slip differentials to make sure that the wheels keep rotating even in fast cornering. Town cars have more conventional differentials which are not so versatile when it comes to racing. Regardless, they are necessary components to make sure the car moves along the road.

Hydraulic Pumps

The car has several hydraulic pumps, such as the power steering pump and the brake pump. These pumps are necessary when it comes to helping manoeuvre the road in an effective way. In the early days, there were no hydraulic pumps, as most of the vehicles would be mechanical, which would make things all the more difficult when it came to maintenance and driving as well.

In short, these are just some of the components that are often not given the credit they deserve. Regardless, they always perform the way it should and is always there to keep you and the car easy to drive.

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