Strategic tips to boost your podcast/channel following the COVID-19

The pandemic sure took a toll on the global economy, and every one of us has gotten affected. If you happened to be looking to get around the sudden stagnation of your podcast or channel, you’re in the right place. Because in this read, we’re going to tell you 3 of the most prominent methods to market your content in a sustainable and strategic way.

Ensure the invitees don’t just talk to you, but also the audience

The biggest mistake of conventional interviewing and podcasting is the fact how the audience is not involved. The least involved, the least would they remember what happened. But after all, you cannot exactly expect everyone to be able to bring in a context that can establish a link to the audience.

Life mentors on the other hand are excellent at this, and they would ensure to make the audience a part of the session. This little factor is going to boost the popularity of your channel just like that.

Give a priority to life coaches

The bottom line is that people are not exactly doing well mentally. Some have lost their jobs, some have lesser salaries now, and the whole world itself has still not begun to heal. Hence, what people truly want to hear is not what’s happening anymore, but what they can do. In doing so, you can boost the reach of your channel or the podcast.

If you’ve been wondering who to pick, and how to even formulate what you should be asking, choosing maria bach life coaching is the best recommendation. Being a well-experienced and renowned life mentoring professional in Australia, she has made quite an impact on people for a long time.

When you invite a professional of this sort to showcase the power of life coaching to anyone who’s looking to change their life around, you’ll be the part of the reason why someone gets better, following the damage from the pandemic. Given how Maria is capable of handling clients between the age of 7-70, it even increases the audience just like that.

Interrelate the content to the pandemic somehow

The value of the content, along with the reach, increases when you know what you’re talking about. Although your final motive is to increase the reach of the podcast or the channel, you need to remember that your topic is related to the post-pandemic world.

Thus, if the people listening in or watching felt as if you just lured them by clickbait title, that impression is not favorable. The solution is to relate the content to the pandemic somehow. What way is better than allowing an inspirational figure to talk about recovering from the pandemic?


Marketing content following a pandemic isn’t going to be easy. But as long as your strategies have at least some of the components that appear in this list, your channel or your podcast will be able to make a massive difference for sure.

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