Teaching Kids about Dental Hygiene and Oral Care
It is a known fact that kids learn a great deal through their parents. As parents, it becomes our paramount responsibility to know that our kids are always looking up to us. We need to lead lives that are of an exemplary nature as children learn by imitating their adults. Taking care of our health is one of the fundamental lessons that we could impart to children at a young age.

When they are trained to value their bodies, giving priority to their mental and physical health we can be ensured that they are headed towards living an enriched life. You can never start too early when it comes to implementing good health habits. It is observed that though we impart knowledge and instruction to our kids on taking care of our overall body we do not give priority to teaching them on maintaining dental hygiene and oral care.

What are Some Good Dental Hygiene Practices?

There are few practices that can be introduced in the minds of children as good dental hygiene practices. For example, we stress to instill the habit of brushing teeth twice a day and flossing regularly as good dental health practices. However, we do not impart them with the knowledge of why such practices are important and the effects that can be caused by our dental health by not adopting them. By fully disclosing them with such information we are opening their eyes to the importance of valuing good dental hygiene.

Another important habit that cannot be stressed enough is the importance of making regular visits to the dentists. By making regular visits it gives one the advantage of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of oral health issues. Also, it is important to have a family dentist who is familiar with the dental health history of the family, who could provide customized and most suitable treatments according to the condition. Therefore, it is important to ensure your child knows that paying regular visits to the dentist is one of the most fundamental practices of maintaining good dental hygiene. If you are a busy parent living in Melbourne. It is ideal that you make a day’s visit to your bayside dental clinic along with your kid. You can introduce your family dentist to your kid and educate him/her on the importance of making regular dentist visits.

Another imperative factor that should be passed on to your kid is the importance of having a healthy diet. Our diet has a direct link to our dental hygiene. It is important to educate your kid on the importance of taking in food consisting of calcium, minerals, and iron for the healthy growth of teeth and also teach them how to care for their teeth by not taking too hot or too cold beverages all the time. With all the positive information that is being shared, it is also important that you make your kid aware of the negative impacts that certain habits like smoking and chewing tobacco can have on one’s overall dental and oral health.

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