Tips for Choosing an Electric Guitar
If you are interested in purchasing an electric guitar, there are many things to consider. You can be a beginner or an advanced player with more experience. But the goal is to select a guitar that suits your preferences and requirements.

You can come up with a list of potential models that you can buy in your price range after considering a variety of factors. And you can then narrow them down by trying them out in the store and getting an idea of how it feels to play it. There are three categories you can consider when it comes to the body of the guitar which is hollow, semi-hollow and solid. The most popular is the solid body guitar and this is what you are generally familiar with when it comes to appearance.

These are versatile choice and you will not have any problems with feedback. If you prefer genres like the blues or jazz, a semi-hollow guitar or hollow body will be a good option as they are more suited to cleaner tones. They tend to give a more acoustic sound and they are also more lightweight. If you are a beginner to this and are unsure of what to do with, a solid body guitar may be a better choice and will allow you to find the type of music you want to play.

There are also different brands on the market such as Schechter guitars. You will have an easier time getting to know the sound of different brands by trying them out at the store. You can also look through online forums and communities to get an idea of what people tend to recommend. There are also many different solid guitar body shapes to choose from. Think about what appeals to your preferences and try to see what feels more comfortable in your hand.

There are some electric guitar shapes that are difficult to play if you are sitting. Then there are single cutaway guitars that tend to be heavier than others. The tone of the electric guitar is an essential factor but this is largely subjective. Consider what sounds good to you and if there is a specific tone you are looking for. This all depends on what you like to play.

The pickup types you will generally come across are P90, humbucker and single coil. Single coils have the thinnest and quietest sound but they tend to be quite versatile when it comes to music styles, P90 is similar to the single coil but they tend to have a higher output.

The highest output is from humbuckers and they also sound the warmest. You may even come across guitars that have more than one pickup. There are different technologies for pickups as well. Active pickups have a higher output and have a battery. If you are interested in metal, this is a good option. Passive pickups will have a lower production and they don’t have a battery.