Tips for Learning Italian

Italian is a beautiful language to learn and there are so many ways that you can try to learn a new language. It is normal to make mistakes when learning a language that you are not familiar with. But these mistakes can help us learn better.

You can always sign up for Italian courses to build a solid foundation and there are courses focused on different age ranges as well. There are other things that you can do to facilitate your learning and it will allow you to familiarise yourself with the language as well. These are habits that you can start in your day to day life. When you are going grocery shopping, you can choose Italian products when you are buying spaghetti, pasta, etc. and you can read the ingredient list in Italian as well. In some products there are cooking instructions as well. This will help you familiarise yourself with day to day words and food items.

Listening to natives is another way that you can learn. And you can do this even when you are not in Italy. You can find some great Italian music online and learn new words and see how they pronounce them. You will find yourself singing along in no time. The more you listen to the language, the more familiar you are with the words. Because of music platforms like YouTube, it is very easy to find Italian music or music from any language. You can also find newspapers and magazines online that are in that language. These will be written in a more formal form so you can look for less serious topics or sections that are written about local events, music and culture.

You can expand on your reading by moving from newspapers to Italian short stories. You can even start by reading children’s books as that will be easier to understand with your growing vocabulary. Another tip is to read a well-known book that you have read and loved in your native language in its Italian translation. This way you are aware of the story and it will serve as a guide to understanding different words. Once you have built up some confidence in reading, you can move into new stories as well. There are short stories that are especially marketed towards beginners in Italian. It is best to read a variety of genres so that you are exposed to more words.

It’s important to practice the language whenever you can and this is not something that you should be ashamed to try. You can book a meal at an Italian restaurant and order your meal in Italian if they have Italian staff. They will help you if there is any mispronunciation. And when you are travelling, you can put an Italian radio to listen to so that you can get an idea of how a word sounds when it’s spoken and sung. You can have a radio show, podcast or a TV programme in the background when you are working so that your ears get used to the new language.

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