Vape Pens Vs Vape Mods: Which One Should You Pick?
If you’ve looked into vaporizers and are fairly new to the world of vaping, you’d probably notice the various options ion the market. Chances are that you’re probably confused between vape pens to 20700 batteries and sub-ohm tanks.

No matter how many vapes are available in the market, the right one for you should be the one that suits your needs. Below is a quick guide between two of the main types of vapes machines in the market today.

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen was initially introduced as an e-cigarette, so the pen shape comes from the conventional cigarette. This managed to provide the user with a quick hit of nicotine without the smell and other contaminants of a cigarette. With technology this e-cig developed into vape pens with a battery and an atomizer. Now users can get a hit of nicotine but with a flavour of their choice and massive clouds of smoke.

One of the main advantages of vape pens are that they are portable and easy to use. The vape pen has a small tank into which a liquid is filled. The e-liquid is a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and other flavouring. Vape pen starter kit also available for beginners so that they can get used to vaping technology.

What is a Vape Mod?

This type of vape is quite popular among hobbyists and bigger and more powerful than small vape pens. They can be used for modifications and to produce massive clouds of smoke. Vape mods have an external rechargeable battery and require higher wattage.

The tanks of vape mods are much bigger and sit on top of the mod and often use a 510 universal thread connector. The tank can be charged through this. Vape mods use the same e-liquid used in vape pens, but the flavour and smoke clouds are much more enhanced.

Vape Mods vs Pens

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that define vaping as a whole,


Vape pens definitely win in this category due to its smaller size, due to the introduction of pod systems, vape pens have gotten even smaller to compete with pod systems. You can easily slip these into your pockets. Smaller in size also means that it weighs less.

Vape mods are much larger and heavier and therefore it not that portable.

Ease of Use

If you are a beginner then vape pens are a great choice because it's easy to maintain and use. The limitation in features is a plus point for beginners but for experienced vapers this is a massive drawback.

Vape mods have a learning curve and therefore is less desirable for beginners.


Naturally, vape pens are less costly when compared to mods. The extra features and the ability to customize vape mods means that it will cost more. With most of the vape mods you might have to purchase the battery separately.

Battery Life

Vape pens consume less power because they are used for low watt vaping, but the caveat is that vape pens also have smaller batteries. So, they cancel each other out.

Vape mod batteries are heavy and most of the time external. They consume a lot of power so therefore external batteries are also quite massive.

Instead of it being a competition between vape mods and pens, it should actually be which type of mod to go for depending on your experience. It's quite obvious that vape pens are popular with beginners and mods are made for experienced vapers.

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