When to Replace a Metal Roof?
Metal roofs are preferred by many homeowners because of their durability but even a metal roof will need replacement after its time.

But if you have a metal roof, this article will explain some of the signs to watch for.

While metal roofs are known for their durability, you will need to replace them after about 30 years

With good maintenance, you can even have them last for about 70 years. If you are looking for a company for commercial metal roof replacement make sure you research companies with good reputation and credibility. This ensures you get a roof that lasts a long time without needing serious repairs. When your roof reaches the 30 year mark, you can have a few professionals inspect it to get an idea of its condition. And having regular repairs is also a good thing. You can ask the company that installed the roof whether they do routine inspections, cleanings and repairs as you can simply make an appointment with them once or twice a year depending on the environmental conditions of the area and surroundings of the building.       

Metal roofs have a certain resistance to rust and they will have coatings that prevent this

After some time if the coating has been damaged or if the roof has been exposed to a lot of moisture, there can be corrosion. You need to inspect the roof once in a while so that you can spot the early stages of rust and corrosion. When this happens, there is a point where you can repaint the roof after cleaning away the rust. But if a majority of the roof has corroded, you will need to replace it. Dents are another common problem you may run into.

While there is high strength when it comes to a metal roof, dents are still possible if there is a high impact. This can be due to a branch falling onto the roof, foot traffic or any other debris falling onto the roof at a great speed. Small dents can be ignored but if you see larger dents, this can affect the integrity of the roof and you will need to bring in a professional to check f the roof needs replacement or not.

Leaks are another reason for replacing a roof. Some signs that you have a roof leak are water stains on the ceiling o the wall. Sometimes, if there is not much damage, you will be able to repair the roof. But with greater damage, it is best to replace the roof instead of spending on repairing it. When there is peeling or fading paint on the roof, it will leave the metal vulnerable to damage. Sometimes you may need to replace the roof as the damage has already been done.

You need to keep metal roofs in place using fasteners and these can come loose with time. Sometimes they can get damaged. If you hear a lot of noise when there are high winds, this means that the fasteners have come loose or gone missing causing the roof to lift. You need to have this repaired immediately.